Monday, October 8, 2012


As you've probabely already noticed I re-designed my blog. Once again.
I just felt like I had to. Because one: It's autumn which requires a chance, colorschemewise.
And two: I changed too. Besides celebrating this new look I always wanted to share where I got my inspiration from. (click on the images for source)

these two lovely blogs

the milky way
this cozy nook

And now I leave you with this: if you want to change your surroundings, be it virtually or in real life, just try. At first I thought I might have to contact a professional because it just seemed like I didn't quite get it to really look the way I wanted. But turns out after a few tries I finally did it. And it was totally worth it. I learned some new skills and was able to put some of my creative talents to great use.

I truly believe that everyone has that spice and creativity somewhere hidden inside.

Oh, and how do you like the new name? (the web adress/url didn't change though)

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