Friday, October 5, 2012



I've never known the spring to turn so quickly into autumn.
- Bob Dylan, Idiot Wind

Leaves are turning into the most beautiful, mesmerizing colors. The air is getting crisp. 
I love seeing my warm breath making clouds.
I love when I have to snuggle into my jacket and pull it tighter.

But I would have never expected for autumn to arrive so quickly. How did this happen. I feel like I couldn't really savor the hotness of the summer enough. The stickyness. And the relieving feeling when you find a big tree under which you can cool down a bit. The exhausting hours of the early afternoon when the only place you feel comfortable is your own bedroom with the fresh and cool bedsheets. I loved that. But apparently I had to learn it the hard way. No season last forever. This thought gives me comfort. There will be more summer seasons. I think I can live with that. But still - I feel like I couldn't really say goodbye properly to my summer days. There's got to be more than that. Maybe a little nostalgic post series. To recall the times. And to reflect. Which is, I think a huge part of autumn. Besides the cuddling and the thousand cups of apple cider and hot pumpkin chocolate. For the next weeks I will be posting about my summer. And hopefully I will slowly begin to be able to really embrace this next season.

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