Saturday, July 14, 2012

My Childhood Summer

 *me and my little sister

It has alwasy been my favourite season. The colors. The smells. The damp mornings. Sun soaked evenings.
What I especially loved was
  • visiting Strawberry Fields and giggling over my cousin who hidding the strawberries he picked in his shirt using it like a kangaroo pouch and smuggling it out past the cash with getting caught
  • spending endless hours sitting on a cherry tree
  • Picking peaches of my grandparents trees and feeling the enchantingly sweet and sticky juice dripping down my chin
  • whizzling along on my roller-skates at the parking area of our neighborhood until sunset
  • splashing in the creek near our grandparents house with my sister, bare-foot and building dams
  • enjoying some relaxed care-free days at my grandma's camper at the lake
  • waking up on the weekend to the smell of fresh and warm buns and croissants fresh from the bakery
  • playing in the sprinkler
  • having a cute little picnic with my cousins near our house equipped with some sweet juice and pasta salad
  • spending the night in our tent in the garden
What were your childhood summer's like?


  1. Love your pictures! This reminds me of my childhood summers :) 

  2.  I would have posted some dorky embarrassing ones too but my sister didn't let me. ;) :-D Childhood summers were the best. :)


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