Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Crystals that heal

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When I was little I was already kinda aware of the fact that crystals are not only beautiful to look at. I think I always knew back then that crystals don't just enchant and captivate because of their visual nature. Since I was old enough to understand my mama tried to explain why we put rose quartzs (also known as bohemian ruby – I bet you didn't know that :)) under our beds and near any electronic devices – such as TV and computers.

I suppose I grasped that these wonderful, special 'rocks' can have a much deeper impact on our life. 

I grew up and was used to the sight of a bunch of rose quartz lined up in our garden to dry in the sun and to charge with positive energy after gaving them a bath in a tub full of salt water. Used to pouring water out of a carafe with the bottom covered in crystals. How they reflected and absorbed the light and how magically beautiful those crystals looked. Remembering those feverish nights when my mama sat at my bedside and putting those cool stones on my sweat-covered, sick and weary body and how those stones heated up within seconds.

I'm thankful for those memories that I treasure so much. For those things my mama taught me. And most of all I'm thankful for now – that I'm in a phase, completely at loss, feeling drained and without motivation – that when I go to my mama and ask her for advice that she – always knowing what I need and want to hear – hands me one of her book about the healing power of those stones. Crystals.

And now that I'm finished with avidly absorbing this wisdom I just can't wait with beginning to add some more crystals to my little collection.

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  1. I did NOT know it was also called bohemian ruby! Lovely nickname for a lovely stone. This is a beautiful post.

  2.  Thank you. :)

  3.  I know, right? Thank you.


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