Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I want to wear rubber boots and jump into every puddle I can find

I probabely have 5 pants - jeans, shorts. n' stuff
- 5 of which I approx. only wear 3 frequently.
 4 cardigans are hanging in my closet.
And way too many shirts, tees and tops.
Let alone vests, scarves - and most of all
I have way to many skirts and dresses.

So one could not say I'm short of clothes.
Yet I still really struggled with what I should wear today.
It's been seriously the first time for me that I was stumped,
standing in front of my closet. Surrounded by garment.
Panicking over what to wear.
Throwing my hands up in despair.
"I don't have ANYTHING to wear!!" 

- ha that rhymed - I swear that was not on purpose -

*trying on a shirt I spyed in the pile of clothes*
*nodding my head at the sight of myself in the mirror*
*getting even more panicked after checking how much time I just wasted with nervously running around in a crazy circle frantically looking for a not too hot, not too tight something to match with my pants*

"Seriously? Why is getting dressed suddenly such a pain in the ****?"

Don't we already have enough to do?
Why do we even care so much about how we look?
Does it really matter if my shirt matches my pants perfectly when I go out to run some errands?

I can still vividly remember the times when I was a kid and would never think about those things.
All that mattered was if I've got my rubber boots on so that I could jump into every puddle there was.

While I normally don't overthink my outfit that much or even worry so much about it
today it did.
And it drove me crazy. I've probabely lost 1 hour of my precious day due to the fact that I just couldn't decide if I should wear the white or the eggwhite shirt?
Who cares? Those how really care alot I will probabely never meet again in my life
and if I do the chance that we will get along with each other is actually probabely very small.

So why don't we just throw on some cozy clothes we feel comfortable in
and just really enjoy the important things in life?

And while I do realize it's actually not that easy to just DON'T care
it just felt like something that was on my heart that I wanted to put out there.
So feel free to leave your thoughts.


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