Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My pillow of moss

I've already tried my hand at it for probabely 3 times. First time was when I still lived in my old childhood room about 3 years ago and the last two times were just a few months ago? And every time I tried it went horrible wrong. You wanna know what I'm talking about? Growing plants. Indoor and outdoor on my windowsill.

Be it vegetables or a simple plant. I usually forgot about it and the plant went without water for a bunch of weeks/days until I remembered when I saw them with hanging leaves and tried to rescue them by accidently nearly drowning them.

Normally you wouldn't think such things would happen to me. Because normally I am that kind of person that's panicking when I see somebody is about to step on a flower. I did a post a few months ago where I gave you a snippet of what nature means to me - but it's just a lot more complex and deeper. But that's a whole other story.

Anyways I'm happy to report that I have improved in my care taking of plants. And I'm not even joking when I tell you how excited this makes me. Finally being able to incorporate some greens into my four walls. I absolutely adore when I look out the window and spot a pot full of plants. Or a wall shelf with a pile of books next to a cactus in a pot. Or a trivet filled with moss.

My boyfriend and I got the idea to take some with us while we were enjoying a forest walk (which was one of the most beautiful moments in my life) and because we were so mesmerized by the scent and the wonderful colors and especially the feeling of touching a soft pillow of moss. Imagine all those creatures and that there lives a whole microcosmos inside of it. And in order to keep this wonderful package alive we supply it with water every day and make sure the whole soft pillow is soaked with water.

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