Thursday, May 24, 2012

A little story I just had to share

Today I went grocery shopping.
With my bike.
And the super market I usually buy all my stuff at is in a little building with a lot of other stores and groceries.
Walking through the entrance of this building you normally pass a guy selling magazines.

But it's not a usual magazine neither is a usual guy selling them. And it's also not the only place you can buy them. Throughout the whole city you'd find them standing at corners or in front of super markets. 

Refugees, usually black and male. People that due to their current situation are not allowed to work in the country they chose to escape to. People that mostly just have to sit around and wait until application for asylem is done handled by the court.

The only meaningful activity to kill time with is selling those magazines. Magazines, published by a non-profit organisation located in the city I live. Edited and written by dedicated people and sold by those refugees. Who are so unbelievable grateful to get the opportunity and chance to stand at the corner through rain, snow, wind and cold.

And hearing stories about people who have such a big heart to come by and bring them jackets or gloves.
Or just stopping by to have a little talk. 

But at the same time I feel this deep sorrow hearing stories about some people stopping by and spitting at them. Screaming at them. Harrassing them.

And there I was.
Standing outside of that building.
Next to my bike.
Watching people passing this guy.
Some looked at him, shaking their head as he asked them if they would like to support him by buying a magazine.
And some looked straight ahead and just rudely ignored him as he smiled at them.

Seeing some of those people I felt sorry for him having to deal with such harsh behaviour.
Is it really to much to ask to just smile back at them and telling them no thank you.

But then - I was lost in thought - I saw a little kid, maybe 3 years old, walking out of a store ahead of his mum just going up to the magazine selling man and giving him five. Just out of the blue. Both - the man and the little dude - had a huge grin on their face. Laughing. It was obvious those two didn't know each other but there was this innocent bond between them. 

A bond that was entirely free of prejudice, lies or any kind of hate.
A bond that was a lot stronger than the hate and ignorance this man may recieve during the day.

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