Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hang mini frames with twine

So, long time no talk. And I'm terribly sorry about that.
But there are two reasons for that.

1. College exams were keeping me busy the last two weeks and  2. I guess I currently might have a bit of a writer's block. There definitely is no lack of DIY prjects to report about, our paintings or random ramblings. But I just felt way to exhausted to write it all out. Maybe it also has something to do with the fact that I have a cold (hate to have a stuffy nose) and that I hit my back at the sinkcounter in our bathroom as I was doing the laundry two days ago and it still hurts.

Anyways, enough complaining and sobbing. Let me tell you what I'm here for today.

A few weeks ago something caught my eye and it has something to do with that bare and 
boring pillar in the middle of our kitchen/dining room/living room. 
And it really bugged me. 
Because seriousely, who would let such a great opportunity go by? 
So I thought let's go crazy and hang some things.

*well, I didn't exactly went crazy but I like to tell myself so ;)

And here's what I did.

*easy peasy directions: buy some plain wood frame 5x7'' [here] (I already did a tutorial with that exact same frames [here]) - take some self-made mini paintings, photographs or your kids drawings and frame them - beginning with the picture you want to hang first, attach twine (arrange frames before glueing them on the twine in order to know how long your twine needs to be) to middle of upper part of frame with a hot glue gun (by applying glue dots, then take twine and lay it on dot (without burning your finger tips ;)) and secure with a 1.5x1.5'' paper snippet) - hang on one nail.


  1. I'm a fan! It's a simple and beautiful idea, and I love how it turned out.

    1. Thank you. And it was really simple indeed. :)

  2. Great tip on hanging multiple frames ;)


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