Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Burst of creativity - A baroque frame tutorial

The last 2 to 3 months were a burst of creativity. Right now being creative is my full time job which is both bad (I am currently attending 12 different classes) and good. I just can't resist any new idea that comes to my mind. No matter what I was doing before. Actually I am working on all these little projects at the same time. As a consequence progress is little – but – I am excited to be able to finally show you the little tiny project I finished yesterday.

Since September, the month we moved in our new appartment, there is this space above our couch and since I have these 4 gorgious individual frames I got from my parents basement I had the idea of combining these two things. And since the space above our couch is relatively big for only four frames I thought I might add some more so I bought these ones. And redid them.

My pre-pattern looked like this. Just outline the edges and lines of the frame on simple paper. Then add some details to the rectangle and cut the pattern out (I cut it with my fabric cutter because I was too lazy to do it with scissors).

I then just outlined the pre-pattern on white cardboard and cut the final paper-frame with scissors to make sure the lines look perfectly even. The reason why there is a pre-pattern is just because I simply wanted to prevent any goof-ups on the final paper-frame. The final paper is by the way harder than the first one to enable a more professional and solid look.

The final paper-frame can be painting with any colour you'd like (I think there is actually enough place for
another frame in deep blue above our couch). The finished painted cardboard paper-frame gets glued on to the frame with liquid glue (but only if paint is dry!). Looks great, doesn't it?

    Be creative :)

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    1. This is a good idea, how are the courses going (12!) where are you finding the time?, be great to see some of the work that your doing in the classes, Im sure they will be inspiring, Blessings, Amanda

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