Thursday, October 13, 2011

Today is... 20th Birthday.

Yep, I'm turning 20 today. Pretty freakin' awesome, isn't it?

Things I have already recieved today and enjoyed:
- Khobz M'chef ara (cinnamon french toast) - sooooo freakin delicious and sweet - in bed.
- the record "Rome" by Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi with Jack White and Norah Jones - I love it.
- and four lovely calls from my family and friends.

I just love it, I couldn't even stop hugging my boyfriend for being to kind and thoughtful - he made me the most incredible breakfast in bed and lit a candle on my nightstand. While I was munching and munching my french toast and slurping my tea he put on the new record. Then he headed off to class. After two hours he came back with a bouquet of roses and ready to prepare lunch: schnitzel with potato salad.
Birthday post soon will be continued :)

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  1. ALLES GUTE - im nachhinein :-) danke für deinen netten kommentar bei den naturkindern! (ich bin jetzt auch bei der hälfte vom buch und mag es auch sehr.)

    schön, dich entdeckt zu haben :-) lieben gruss


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