Friday, November 4, 2011

October for a Cure.

October for a Cure.

That was their slogan. 
Katilette's (or Colette), Callie's and Sadie's slogan.
For their action.
Against breast cancer.
And for breast cancer awareness.

Katilette (or Colette) is a famous youtube woman and a mom of 4 adorable kids and a wife to a gorgious, crazy husband.
Callie and Sadie are her sister. The first one is a singer who puts a lot of her feelings into wonderful songs to share with us on Itunes and Youtube. Sadie, the second one, has her own website where she sells cute selfmade earings, necklaces and bracelets. The sisters share a sad story.

Their wonderful mum died of breast cancer when they needed her the most. They actually still need their mum. Especially in October since that is the month when their mum died 18 years ago. So last year all three of them started October for a Cure. Everyone of them contributed something which helped each one of them remember how much they need each other in times like these. Another purpose of this idea was to make the people aware of the danger of breast cancer.

"I can't move my left arm very well, 
but I'm grateful I can use my right"
 Coleen Crofts 1986

Callie put a song on Youtube and Itunes which she actually wrote some time ago but never told anybody about (listen here). Half of her earnings from the download of that song during the month of October were donated to benefit Breast Cancer research in honor of her mother. 

Since 2010, in honor of her mother, each October Sadie created a new earring design, to be given away with each order, for breast cancer awareness. A significant portion of proceeds went and still goes to breast cancer research.

Katilette made some wonderful videos that not only brought tears to my eyes. She even cried during the making of the video. She adressed millions and millions of viewers who watched her videos. And made them aware of breast cancer and how important it is to regularly check on your body and breast.

"I don't care about having a flat chest,
I just want to raise my family
and be with my loving husband."
Coleen Crofts, 1986

They did an amazing job and raised even more than 1000 $.
And this year they continued with this wonderful idea and again raised a lot of money which all went to Breast Cancer Research.

And even though October is over, in honour of their wonderful mom and because these 3 ladies are wonderful (...and I am about to cry) :
Here are the links to the videos and websites and I leave you with a little snippet of the wonderful song Callie wrote for this year's October for a Cure.

Katilette's Youtube Channel
Callie's Youtube Channel
Sadie's Website

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