Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Edge of Love

I know - always the same old pictures - not very innovative. And I know what I am talking about since I find the pictures of the movie The Edge of Love nearly on every blog.
But they just spread such a lightness and simply inspire me. I love the images of nature, of the welsh coast and the imagination of being there, inhaling the salty air and letting the wind toss your hair. So I figured I have to watch the movie. And although I have to say that I honestly have already seen better movies (refering to the storyline) which does not mean that I found it bad. I liked it. But what actually caught me were the images.

The tender and naive charism of the two girls and the voice of the poet Thomas Dylan made my heart swing in the tune of an old jazz vinyl (with the voice of Dylan in my head of course - who's lines make me want to read more of his poems). Also I adore the gorgious ideas of the set prop master. The dented colander next to the antique bowl standing on the weather-beaten garden table. The rain boots with the flower skirts. The vintage strollers.

 Be inspired.

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