Wednesday, February 1, 2012

who needs friends? - a journey #1

Today I would like to present to you a new series.
About a subject very close to my heart.

A few days ago I posted about friends.
People I would like to meet.
New people.
People after my own heart.

And making friends.
Which sometimes is difficult for me.
But something sensed difficult never stopped me from actually trying it.

Which is what this little series will be about.

* yep that's a very dear friend of mine and me, dancing at midnight on new years eye 2010. :D
I figured it would push me to come out of my comfort zone so that I will be able to report on these trials, errors and even the little sucess.
But in order to have something I can report on I have to take action.
I suppose since I already use my blog as a platform for a lot of other stuff I might also use it for documenting this journey and to use it as a commitment to you, my lovely readers, and to myself.
To have it in writing and to hopefully get some support from you guys too ;)

Which means that
  • Every second wednesday I will post about my journey of finding new like-minded and awesome people.
  • I will report on it and keep a to do/try list, a list of failures by which I will try to learn from and a list of sucesses which will keep me motivated.
  • And of course to keep you entertained these posts will also include some crazy and akward but honest disasters that might cross my way on this journey. Like spilling coffee over a potential friends skirt. Or a booger chilling on the tip of my nose without me noticing. Or dragging some toilet paper with me on my shoes.
And, of course, I would love for you to tell me your experiences with making friends and/or your thoughts on this topic. Would love to hear/read what you think. ;)


  1. it's hard for me to make friends too. i've never had more than two sort of close friends, and not too many more acquaintances.i look forward to following you on your journey, maybe i'll learn some things too.

    1. it's always good to hear you're not alone, right.
      thank you for commenting.
      i feel we can all encourage each other so well through blogs and comments that it already makes us some kind of friends without us realizing. i'm glad you're following and i hope for you to keep commenting on this journey and report on your experiences and sucesses :)

  2. awww, that evening, that pic memorys! I hope you won't forget me douring you journey :D

  3. Interesting series, looking forward to it. I too have a hard time making friends; sometimes it takes me literally years to warm up to someone, but once I do, I'm (or I like to think I am!) ferociously loyal. I'd much rather have a small group of interesting, like-minded (or not! sometimes very different people are great friends too) friends than zillions of acquaintances...


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