Sunday, February 5, 2012

honest music that touches heart and soul #1

Even though I tried to pursue the idea of not posting on sundays and trying to neglect my laptop and TV.
Simply because I wanted to give myself a regular break and the chance to breath freely.
I figured I could also use every sunday from now on to give something wonderful.
Something soothing.
Something mind-opening.
Something honest.
And simple.
Plain music.
Music to listen to on a sunday afternoon with friends, family.
With a cup of tea.
Letting the burdens of daily life vanish.

Have a wonderful sunday friends.


  1. Hi there, new follower here. I found you through your intro on Delirious Rhapsody. Very pretty blog, and I like your writing style; it's original and thoughtful. A nice change of pace. :)

    Stop by any time!

    1. I love your blog too. Thanks for following. Now I gotta go, I'm currently busy browsing through your blog. ;)


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