Tuesday, February 28, 2012

who needs friends? # 2 - making progress

As I already let you know {here} I screwed up with the attempt to stick to a schedule...

...and with the decision that I don't need to stick to anything like that
I freely decided to post about the progress currently being made with making friends (this sounds so pathetic :D).
A few weeks ago I launched a series on my blog called "Who needs friends"
which is supposed to be some kind of a journal about my journey of making friends
as a student in a fairly new city.

So if you asked I would tell you that
back in december I won a calendar from a give away and the gorgious girl who created it
not only sent me this wonderful item but also included a lovely little letter.
On mold-made paper.

She inspired me to take up the art of writing letters again.
From 3th grade to 8th grade I was a passionate letter writer and was always busy replying to my pen pals.
This passion then slowly ran off into sand.

But thinking about it
I'll have to admit I miss taking the time to write letters.
I always loved it.
Feeling the thin clean white sheet.
Seeing the ink quickly soaking into the fiber.

I missed it so much I figured it was a lovely, passionate, personal and individual way
of keeping contact with loved ones who live far away.

And I really enjoy it.
Every letter is unique. And I feel that every one of them comes from the heart.

And the main reason why I love it so much is that I get to deepen my contact with people I already know and love. It allows me to stay up to date on their lifes. Corresponding with them gives me the feeling that I can actually stay really close with them even though physically we're apart. And it gives me the strenght to move on and the backing and the support I need to be able to grow and get to know other awesome people.
Which brings us to the next point...

I'm currently busy starting a book club in my area of city.
A few days ago I met a girl virtually through facebook.
She left a comment on a site of a local book club asking if she'd be allowed to join.
But apparently the site as well as the club itself were no longer active as the last time the site was updated was back in june 2011. Without any intention I commented on this girls comment and within a few days she replied with the request if I would like to start a book club with her.

Yesterday we had our first meet-up and we spent 2 hours in a café getting to know each other and chatting about our favourite authors and books. Suprisingly we soon discovered we had a lot in common.
After this meet up both of us were confident about our plan and I suggested I'd try my hand at creating a flyer. :)

What I've learned from this experience:

♥ be bold and honest - the right people will automatically find you
♥ use the internet - it really works; especially if you don't feel comfortable putting yourself out into the real world
♥ arrange meetings with people you don't know yet
♥ talk - in my opinion there is nothing more weird than sitting in front of a person who does not say one word during a conversation. Tell your conversation partner about your hobbies, your dreams but try to avoid anything to depressive and personal. Don't try to be cool. Trust your charm and be honest and real.
♥ listen - try to respond honest to each other. Think of answers that truly represent your thoughts on what your partner tells you. Ask questions.
♥ throw all rash perception to the wind - don't let yourself be influenced by your judging over people you don't know yet. In my case I already got to met a lot of people who are so different to what I expected them to be.

*the pictures above were taken with my analogue LOMO camera back in 2011. Isn't spring such a beautiful season?

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