Saturday, February 25, 2012


Apparently - according to most of my content - my blog is about inspiration.
I love posting pictures I found, to inspire.
I love being inspired by comments and other fellow blogger's posts.
I love to inspire with art, paintings, thoughts, photography, music, tutorials and life.
I love thinking about those people who happen to stumble upon my blog because of an unspectacular post of mine and somehow they will find themselve being inspired by a post the found on accident while browsing through my blog - something  that really speaks to them on a more deeper level. And it might change their life. It might help them. Laura from Bits of Splendor once wrote about this. And she couldn't have said it any better:

"We can get so lost in who we think we are reaching, how we are reaching, what we're saying, what we're not saying, what they will think, how they will judge....when God is saying---just let me use you. Let me use a post about a first birthday party, to reach one woman who has been searching for a way to use her sewing and crafting for the Lord."

Although it seems like with this purpose of my blog - to inspire and to be inspired - nothing can go wrong because one will always either inspire or search for inspiration so something to write about is always available - you either are an effervescent source of inspiration or you are the one searching for it - ...

...when in reality I currently have to experience that there are times when neither of those things happen.
Currently I find myself hardly inspired by anything. Even though I absorb a lot of inspiration and get inspired it is hard to commute this into a post. Having a schedule indeed cuts down on my spontaneity. If I happen to be inspired to write about friendship I have to discover that according to my time schedule I was supposed to write about music. Which ends with me writing about nothing.

And if I plan to wait with this topic and try to stay inspired until I get to be able to write about it, with  hundred percent certainty I'll end up feeling uninspired on said date.

I want my blog to be a source for inspiration. Effervescent inspiration. Spontaneous inspiration. Quality inspiration. But apparently trying to stick to a schedule does not go hand in hand with this idea.

With this being said I wanted to warn you in advance.
I might or might not stick to my schedule.
I might or might not post about something that does not fit into my schedule.
I might or might not tear down the established schedule, I might change certain dates up.
I might even reassamble it and re-establish it.
But I know and promise that I will always seek to inspire.


  1. You do inspire! This post was very inspiring! I really loved it. You spoke from the heart and it really made me think about how I post and what I decide to do when. I think you're doing the best thing for you!


    1. thank you for your kind and honest encouragement.
      your comment represents the purpose of my writing perfectly.
      thank you for letting me know i can inspire. :)


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