Monday, February 13, 2012

love. give.

I'm not all crazy about Valentine's Day (you can hate me in the comments for that. Seriousely. Go ahead. I won't blame you. Although all I did was trying to be honest. ;))

I need to feel the freedom to give love and to confess my love on the day I choose to do so.
I don't have this euphoric feeling celebrating love with giving gifts and spending money on manufactored plastic cards and hearts. If I'll be honest with you I simply can't relate with the idea of economizing love and cutting down my deep expressions of love to one day.

But I do feel the need to express my love to you and the world in an honest unique way.
And I figured today would be the day that most of you feel capable for recieving honest words.

And with this being said...

I want to thank you.
All of you.
My little circle of readers.
It's a nice feeling.
Knowing I can watch my blog grow and grow each and everyday.
The statistics are little.
The number of readers I have is little.
But I like that.
Don't get me wrong.
I would love to have more of you awesome people reading and connecting with me.
And I really look forward to growing my blog.
But I love to know that I might have the ability to reach out to you.
To encourage you.
To connect with you.
And this is my little gift to you.

Happy Valentine's Day.

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  1. as someone who also doesn't necessarily 'get' valentine's day, i really liked this post. :)


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