Sunday, February 12, 2012

honest music that touches heart and soul #2

Time for another weekly installment of the new series - honest music that touches heart and soul. :)

As I already mentioned on twitter a few days ago -
I accidently fell down the rabbit hole of youtube.
You know, when you experience that neverending spiral of clicking on related videos on the right side of youtube while watching a video. And you can't stop clicking and suddenly you find yourself
listening to music you didn't know existed and the comments section is full of nice high people
commenting about love, peace and life. It's the part of youtube that you normally don't visit intentionally.
I call it the hippie neighboorhood of youtube.

It's where I found this video.
And I couldn't stop listening to it.
It's so soothing.
And just perfect for a sunday afternoon. ♥

Go try it out yourself. Click on one of the suggested videos after viewing this video.
Need some more suggestions?

Have a wonderful sunday, friends.

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