Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Quick and easy tortellini salad - A recipe

It's both delicious and easy to make.

Ingredients you'll need:

a few leaves of fresh and crisp lettuce
2 large tomatoes
15 tortellinis (the large ones) - I usually prefer the ones filled with prosciutto
2 Tsp. of sunflower seeds
2 Tsp. of pumpkinseeds
5 Tsp. of water
5 Tsp. of vinegar
5 Tsp. of olive oil
sunflower oil

Bring the water to a boil. Add salt, then the tortellinis and cook until al dente.
Clean leaves of lettuce and tomatoes under cold water and put lettuce into a large bowl.
Add water, vinegar, olive oil and salt.

Dice tomatoes and add into the bowl. 

Roast the seeds in a pan with a dash of sunflower oil until brown and crunchy. Remember to stir the seeds while they roast.

Add seeds and tortelllini into the bowl.
Bon appetit. :)


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