Monday, January 2, 2012

A wandering/wondering heart and soul

„I always had a wondering/wandering heart and soul which made me have a strong desire to travel and explore.

My dreams were always made out of suitcase stories. 

Stories which were told by travel labels. 
Stories full of lovely items that I'd collect on all my trips from all over the world. 
Stories which would be the inspiration for lullabies I'd sing to my children and my children's children. 

The longing for these stories would lead me from one place to another, always unable to settle down.
Longing and drifting off of a wandering soul. 

Unable to rest. 

Because I always would get the eager feeling of unease when staying at one place for a longer period of time. 

But still being able to comfort myself through the love that would arise at every new place.“ 

- These dreams are still only dreams, I told him. But someday...

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