Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Feathers and Leather

Feathers and Leather
Shirt: Lagarcoone.com, $195 // Skirt: net-a-porter.com, $435 // Boots: madewell.com, $210 // Bag: boutique1.com, $2,804 // Chain bracelets: topshop.com, $35 // Leather bracelet: shirise.com, $180 // Earrings: generalpants.com.au, $20 // Feather head band: shopthetrendboutique.com, $135 //

The links to the goods above are for those of you who can afford them.
I, myself am going to look for similar and cheaper ones at my favourite stores, thrift stores or fleamarkets.

What I love about this look is that it gives you a feeling of dressing up as a native indian, a feeling
of being a little girl again pretending to be a native indian girl who can talk to animals or a feeling of being in the woods. 

I'm going to try find out if I can make one of these leather bracelets by myself and once I figured it out I'm going to post a tutorial. So stay tuned. :)


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