Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I was always fond of dreamcatchers swirling in the wind. I always found them so beautiful. But I never bought one. I always wanted to make one by myself, I guess. And now I did. I took me surprisingly long actually. Probably because it took me weeks to buy the material and making the dreamcatcher took me even longer. I redid the inner webbing like a thousand times. Once I thought I found the right yarn to do the knotting and began to knot, at the end I found myself ripping everything apart. I wanted it to be perfect. Don't know why. It's not that I really believe in them, it's just that I fin them extremely beautiful and they seem to give me a feeling of tenderness, fearlessness and lightness. Anyways, I kept re-trying the inner knotting over and over again. And a few days ago I finished it. And I love it. Even though it does not look like the originals – they seem to have a more complicated pattern and more natural looking feathers (the original ones were and are made with real brown bird feathers), I got so excited to hang it over our bed. I sure will post more pictures of the bedroom when it's all done with my dreamcatcher hanging from the ceiling.

How to make this dreamcatcher.

Step 1.
Buy a ring in any size you want – I used an embroidery hoop (approx 5 inch diameter). Purchase a relatively broad 100 inch long leather strap, a 50 inch long yarn of your liking, some pearl and feathers.

Step 2.
Take your hoop and leather strap, glue the end of the strap to the hoop with a hot glue gun. Make a little loop so that you have something to attach the strap to hang the dreamcatcher. Glue the end of the loop onto the hoop and let it dry. Begin wrapping the leather strap around the hoop. This is were a cardboard snippet comes in handy. To make it easier, take a small cardboard snippet and wrap the leather strap around it nearly all the way around – so you won't have to pull the whole long strap out and into the loop over and over again.
Once you've gone all the way around the hoop, glue the end of the strap to the blank space in between the little loop. Hold it in place with a clothespin until the glue dries.

Step 3.
Take your yarn and begin knotting your way through the hoop. Here is an illustration of the knotting process. While you are working your way through you will like to add some pearls in the inside to make it more colorful. Once you finished knotting the pattern, tie a knot at the end and cut off the rest of the yarn.

Step 4.
Take the same yarn and attach pearls and feathers. Tie the strings to the lower part of your hoop.
Now tie a leather strap the length of your liking to the loop we made at the beginning. This is were you can hang your dreamcatcher.

Let me know if you liked this tutorial. :)


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