Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fire tree/Energy Tree/Meditation/Inspiration/Well-grounded

After cooking and doing the dishes for two I felt horribly exhausted. Since I don't get a lot of sleep these days I figured, why don't take a nap. I jumped into some more comfortable clothes, grabbed my Ipod and snuggled into bed. Well, snuggle is probabely not appropriate in this particularly case. Actually I tried to avoid anything snugglish because it was unbearably hot. So I just laid down and since it was impossible to sleep due to all the heat I searched for my favourite meditation/relax music on my Ipod which is Austrilian Aboriginal Didgeridoo Music (like this) - my favourite sample available here. After a few minutes I began to drift away. I love that moment where you seem to fly away, be light as a feather and don't know if you're moving and when the incredible beat of the didgeridoo and the humming voice controlls your heart beat.

After that I felt inspired. Inspired to draw a painting of my feelings. I could not decide on one name so I'm just gonna name it "Fire tree/Energy Tree/Meditation/Inspiration/Well-grounded" which expresses my feelings about it pretty well.

Water color on Water color pad

Let me know what you think about the casual, informal, mellow drawing style. I did not try to concentrate on the asthetic aspect, I just used the colors and draw the shapes that seemed to go with my state of mind. (ps. I hope I don't appear to be creepy and esoteric because that's both not me. ABSOLUTELY NOT me. Just wanted to point that out ;) :D)

Love and Hugs

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