Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Last nights

I am sure you all have experienced these nights, these last nights, to spend in your hotel room after you've had an amazing vacation. Or the last night you spend in your own four walls sleeping in your own bed before going on vacation. Well, tonight is such a night for me. Today is the last night I get to sleep in a bed, in a room I will never sleep again. A bed in a room in which I have slept for approximately 180 nights. Those nights weren't really the ones when I had the most beautiful dreams and quite sleeps. Loud traffic noice were my lullabies, incredible heat and stinky air were my companions due to closed windows (due to traffic noise). Not much excitement on the part of my back due to a very uncomfortable bed/matress. Not trying to beg for pity. The thing is, leaving this room tommorrow gives me both the feeling of relieve and the feeling of sadness. The first one for obvious reasons and the second one because I got to spend my first college year in here, this room forever will be the first one I lived in without my family and the first one I moved into with my boyfriend. Although I can tell there will be so much more new room, apartments and houses, this one will forever be special. I feel like I should leave a sign in here ;). Thanks for the awesome and not-so-awesome times.

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