Monday, May 9, 2011

Something completely different.

Finally my boyfriend and I got to visit the first potential future appartment of ours and it was lovely - a completely renovated appartment with 3 rooms of which one is the living room with a tiny kitchen in it.

I was busy skimming through magazines and lots and lots and lots of blogs searching for inspiration and finally I found the perfect couch at IKEA. (

Brown was also an option. (
I would have added some furniture in white, dark brown and some red ones - shabby, vintage, bohemian ones.

But I guess I can forget about all the plans I made up and the lovely colors I was dreaming of because the wall color in the living room is: ORANGE! Orange! How can someone chose orange as a color? (I'm sorry If I'm offending somebody here - I didn't mean to.). Our landlord does not want us to overpaint or add any wall color.

It's just that orange bugs me. It's so...ugh. I can't think of any way to decorate and furnish the room to make it look bohemian, soft and cool. With little items that add some cottage feeling. Help!

Plan of the living room

At first I was thinking about buying the brown couch/olive couch in spite of the wall color but the least thing I want is that the living room turns into a safari atmospheric something.

So, here is were you come into play. I need all your ideas and advice of how I can turn the living room into a non-conventional bohemian kind of nest I can snuggle in.

Thank you. I would really appreciate any help.

Much, much love- kisses and hugs.

Jay ♥


  1. Oooh, orange, that is a toughie. Is it a bright, pure orange? My first thought is to go with a beachy bohemian feel. Maybe white sofas and some funky, different colored bold printed throw pillows like this:

    Orange also looks great with baby blue, peacock blue, chocolate brown, and shades of pink. Love to see what you do!

    p.s. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I love to know who's reading and come visit yours.

  2. Hi Michelle,
    Thank you for commenting.
    Yes, it is a bright, pure orange.
    These pillows look gorgeous.
    I was also considering peacock blue as an option - and as long as I don't overdo it it might look lovely. Also in your link it says *Moroccan* - could be worth a try. :)

    I'm definately gonna keep an eye out for these pillows. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas.

  3. Hmmmmm.....I use some orange in my decor....and find it really works well with turquoise, peacock blue, hot pink, lime green, chocolate brown, and shades of yellows and golds. It really can be toned down with what you put with it. Good luck.


  4. @ My Grama's Soul:
    Although I was actually also thinking about adding some turquoise I was and am still worried if I'd still like the combination after some time.
    Thank you for your comment. And what kind of wood would you suggest?

  5. Hi again Jay.....thanks for stopping by..I actually found you through v michelle above. I follow a lot of bohemian blogs and yours sounded interesting. as to what kind of wood I usually mix woods and find that quite effective. I tend toward the darker brown to medium tones and really do like that eclectic look.



  6. Hi Jay!
    Thanks for visiting my blog!:) I see your issue here. And you know what? The first thing that came to my mind was ... why can't you just buy a curtain rod the length of the orange wall and put up some curtains in a cool fabric to cover the entire wall? A cool graphic curtain could look like a giant piece of art. Or you could just leave the orange wall exposed. If so, my suggestion would be to first buy a rug that has a nice design/graphic on it. This way it draws the eye away from the obvious orange wall. And then choose your couch to go w/rug, then table, accent pieces, etc. I might go with a nvy/white, brn/white, or grey/white trellis type design. Hope I helped? Good luck!

  7. Hi Haydee,
    Thank you for commenting and leaving some of your ideas.:) I reeeeally like you idea with the fabric. It would look stunning. I for example love the fabrics you get at IKEA. But actually I now begin to kinda like the orange - it offers me new ways and I'd like to try out something different since I get all your great ideas and the inspiration from your blogs.

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  9. Hi My Grama's Soul again,
    thanks for following :)
    I also love the mix of different kinds of woods.


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