Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A tribute to one of the strongest soul there ever was.

Oh waterboy.
Where are you hiding?
If you don't come right here.
I'm gonna tell your pa on you.
There is no hammer.
On this mountain.
That ring like mine boy.
That ring like mine.

I'm gonna burst this rock.
From her to the macon.
All the way to the jail boy.
All the way to the jail.

Jack oh daimond.
Oh Jack oh diamond.
I know you of old boy.
I know you of old.
You rob-a my pocket.
Rob my pocket.

Of silver and gold boy.
Of silver and gold.
There is no sweat boy.
That's on that mountain.
That run like mine boy.
That run like mine.

In memory of Odetta.

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