Friday, March 18, 2011

The long spring.

Last week I noticed something absolutely stunning for the first time. I pass the lake once every week when I'm on my way from my past hometown to the city I live now by train. 

But this time there has something changed. It was late in the afternoon, the sunshine was kinda blurry, not as clear as in the morning. Since the sun was lower there was some sense of magic in the air, the rays seemed darker and warmer. Through the grass that was still yellowed and stramineous the rays shone – it seemed like they were tickling nature to wake up after the winter. Just like the lake. It was still covered with ice. The warm colours of the sunrays and the grass were a great contrast to the cold appearance of the nearly endless ice plates. The plan to shoot picture of this scene was done deal.

So the next week my mama and I headed to the lake when the sun was low and the rays flooded the scenery with the warmest colours. It was beautiful.


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  1. hey :) das lied, nach dem du gefragt hast, heißt "padam padam" und ist von edith piaf
    schönes wochenende noch :)


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