Thursday, March 10, 2011

keep on rocking in the free world.

Phew – I'm wiped out. That was one hell-of-a-job. I didn't expect myself to spend so much time with this painting – normally I'm too impatient and throw the painting away, never finish it or finish it halfheartedly.

I sketched the picture of Neil young my boyfriend wanted me to draw from the book Neil young – LONG MAY YOU RUN, The illustrated History with a pencil on a water colour cardboard.

After that I was not sure whether to leave it like that or draw the lines more exact in order to provide a greater contrast. I tried the second way but immediately stopped as I noticed that the acceptable sketch turned into a painting of a monster. Fortunately I only ruined the face so I erased it. Now, mabye some of you can imagine how desperate I was after that. Hard task to draw a perfectly sized head that fits on a body that is already drawn – it normally has to end in a disaster.

After a few weeks where I was too scared to continue I finally tried – and I must admit, the result is not too bad. The painiting was finished with india ink and dip pen.

Love, Jay 
– who is satisfied with her finished work. What do you think?

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