Sunday, February 27, 2011

a housewarming gift.

so here is my second post for all of you who were waiting so patiently ;). it's a little story about a painting called hometown. i got the idea of painting the fortress of my hometown ever since i took a picture of it. and finally i did. it was pretty important for me because i recently moved to another city and in order to always keep my hometown in my mind and heart i painted it with acrylic paint on canvas. it happend that at the time i planned to begin with painting this piece of art, my friend May invited me to her housewarming party. she also grew up in the same town as i did and as i knew she misses our hometown nearly as much as i do i decided to give her and her brother the finished painting as a housewarming gift. and surprisingly they like it ;) at least they said they do.

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