Saturday, February 19, 2011

the very beginning

a pretty long time ago i once had a blog that was, let's just say, not quiet a serious thing. after i created it and put the 1st post online i kinda let go myself and never visited the blog again. then a few days ago i watched some videos on youtube by a gorgious young talented actress and paintress named ceciley. she visited her sister in toronto. they spent some great days together and while i watched the enviousness grew and grew. not only do i love to act and paint and pretty much everything that has something to do with art but i also always dream about living my life to the fullest. nearly everyday something new i'd like to try out pops up in my head but i would actually never do it because - well let's be honest - i procrastinate it. it's is simply much easier to only dream about it then to make it actually real. but after all misgivings about the time passing by and craving for life got bigger i discovered i really need to get off my butt and do something. so here i am. jay.


  1. Now that I am a follower, you have to follow through and keep the art and blog going!

  2. congrats Jay! I had no idea what my blog was really "about" when I started but discovered that just posting about things that I love and make me happy keeps me at it, and reminds me what to be grateful for in life - best of luck with this new venture! - Jessica

  3. Hey! I noticed that you and I both restarted our blogs because of the same reason, Ceciley & Jessica! I also had a blog a long time ago and I only made 3 posts. But recently when I watched Ceciley's video with her sister, I clicked the link to Jessica's blog and while reading, I decided to retry my blog too.
    My blog is
    Happy blogging!

  4. @ Myrna Wacknov, that's so kind :) thank you.
    i'm feel honored that you visited my blog and decided to follow me (oh the pressure).
    the only problem is that i'm staying at my parents house till saturday so i wasn't able to upload any recent paintings or sketches. i'm sorry but make sure to stay tuned :) best wishes, jay

  5. @ Jessica, i can't believe you wrote back. i didn't expect that after one or two days there would be already 3 comments. thank you. best wishes, jay

  6. @ Pedro Filho, what a coincidence (: how'd you find my blog? i immediately checked your blog (cute puppy :)) keep the posts coming this time ;)


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