Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring Decor.

I love big candles. 
In combination with a rattan bottom plate and twine strings.
And, yep, I made the rose by myself.

Created a collage with white twine, mini clothespin,
letters and some of my favourite post cards, 
photos and calendar.

A Little Inspiration


  1. I love the rose and the collage! I've wanted to try the clothespin collage thing for a while, but am not sure how big to make it or where to put it.

    1. I think the best way to do it is to search for a place first (one with a plain, simple background - above the couch, bed or from one side of a big mirror to the other side) and choose the lenght of it by the amount of photos etc you want to put on it - which means you'' have to collect and choose the photos you want before you hang the clothespin with tape. :)

  2. Super cute.. I also want to try the clothes pin idea for a while.. :) Thanks for the inspiration!


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