Saturday, April 14, 2012

My heart is shattered

We were on our way to friends driving by bus when a few pupils, most of them around the age of 8, sat down next to us. I immidiately noticed something wrong as the boy next to me began to shout and cuss. His friend who also thought he was pretty cool and hilarious for cussing around would laugh and they'd incite and wind each other up more and more by trying to remember a rhyme while breaking out into hysterical laughter. Now I might have already heard such rhymes or little snippets of it while passing a bunch of sexist, grumpy, old, nasty and perverted drunks hanging out in front of a smokey bar. But I've never witnessed something so heart-breaking, disturbing, shattering and sad like one of the most sexist and perverted rhymes I've ever heard and didn't even know existed being recited by a nine-year old. The second we got of the bus I tried to vent the feeling of helplessness and shock. I, honestly, didn't know what to do, how to cope with those feelings. My heart was broken. I felt so incredibly sick.

When I got the chance to sit down at our friends house I instinctively curled up, with my head resting on my knees, beginning to cry. Hot tears streamed down my cheeks as I relived those minutes. My heart was truely broken. It broke for this world. For this world and its possible future. For this boys future. And it broke for him too. Writing this out my eyes again are slowly filling with tears.

What did this world come to? A little boy who probabely did not even have a clue what he was saying - ...there are some men out there who can laugh at such jokes... - but a nine year old boy?

In my eyes children are all born innocent, they are wonderful creatures. Who should be raised with love. And should be taught to love. They should be able to question others behaviour. They should be taught to act with tolerance, honesty and respect.

Children are gifts.

And it is our purpose to teach them well.
It is our job to raise them in a healthy enviroment. Or at least teach them that it is their purpose to build such an enviroment.
It's our purpose to protect them from bad influence or at least teach them how to resist it.
It's our job to exemplify them through our own life and behaviour.

And I just can't wait to do so. It's what I owe them. What I owe Nature. And most of all, sadly, it's all I can do for children like him.

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