Sunday, January 29, 2012

healthy choices ♥

As I already mentioned in this post I'm currently doing the whole living action plan diet.
So far it went well with a few changes and exception.
I began to realize that it is not about follow a strict plan but about making healthy choices.
I truly believe that if you wholeheartly listen to your body you can figure out what he needs
and what is good for him. Just a few days ago my mind and my longing for sweets betrayed my body
into thinking he would need some reeeaally unhealthy cookies. And cheerios. And chips.

After that I discovered that my body was about to tell me something.
I suddenly felt weary and anxious.

Trying to learn from my body.
I gave myself a second chance.

And within this post I would really recommend you trying to carefully listen to your body too.
And despite not being a nutritionist I thought I could also give you some inspiration by posting
some of my favourite very easy snacks I find myself, my body and my sweet tooth very satisfied with.


A Little Inspiration


  1. Thanks for sharing this at Create & Inspire!
    These are some great healthy choices..I must try!

    Angie from ALI

    1. Please report on how you liked it. Always thankful for kind affirming words and new subscribers ;)


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