Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A new area?

Finally. Finally I am done with re-creating and re-designing my blog.
I would have never expected it to take up so much time. Which is a result of my longing for perfectionism. Which ended up with me deleting everything I just uploaded. Which meant – again - creating pictures and images, uploading every single picture, cropping them, resizing them, uploading them again, saving changes. Staring at the new design for hours while adoring the outcome. Going to sleep. Waking up. Noticing it looked like poop. Deleting everything, creating... Well, I think you get the idea.

After doing this whole process over and over again I finally figured some things out – things I normally find myself confused by and of which I thought I would never figure out (Thank you Casey from The Wiegand's for your great help :)). What also really helped was to try. Things. Out. Try and Fail. :)

Also the whole process of re-designing my blog showed me that I can really achieve something – even when it seems difficult. If I just try. And get of my butt. 

Re-creating my blog was not just solely based on hard work and discipline. It was a chance for me to creatively rave somewhere where I can totally be myself. Plus now I get even more excited to post on my blog with its new look. Let's just hope that this won't make me more addicted to blogger than I already am. Because my resolution still obtains (for more details read my post On my heart). I pledge to

  • Live in the present
    This particular point is probably the most important one in my case. Also it might be the pledge which is the hardest to achieve. Up until now I spent my time dreaming about tomorrow, making plans for the future - but without putting them into practice. Even though I was always aware of the fact that there is only one 'Today' but thousands of tomorrows and that one should always live in the moment, that one should always grab it by the balls I never got to the point at which I was able to say I WILL do this. I got stuck at the point where I kept saying 'I COULD do this'. Which brings us to-

  • Improve my self discipline and quit procrastination
    I lied to myself whenever I insisted that I was not in need of any change. That I was happy and satisfied with the way I was. I probably wanted to protect myself from any kind of criticism. Which is complete bogus. Because I was actually only hindering myself from changing. Changing and quitting procrastination seemed way to hard. But apparently that's the only way I can get this all done. 
  • First things first
    I have a lot of dreams. A full jar of them sits on my night desk. But instead of getting them fulfilled I pile them up. So another goal should be to empty this jar of dreams. One after another. Yep, that's my goal. Well, rather a path than a goal. It's a ongoing process. Accomplishing. One at a time. Improving day after day. And at the end of the day I look forward to asking myself in self-reflection. About what I achieved and what I think I can do better. But even though I might fail at some points there will always be a tomorrow, a second chance.

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  1. Some great goals - I really relate, thats why I started doing the challenges because I had all things things I wanted to try but in rolled up pieces of paper they sit in my goals jar! With the challenge of trying something new for 30 days I am on my second goal of writing childrens short stories, so for 30 days that's what I'm doing - its a great feeling, (empty away!), blog is looking good, well worth the effort! have a great weekend!


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