My name is Jay.
Born in the windy, colourful autumn in '91, according to my father's tales,
I was not too excited to be born into this loud, screaming chaos.
This assumption was made by him because of my morose facial expression –
which soon gave way to a deep curiosity.

Fortunately this attitude has never changed which is certainly also due to the childhood I had. 

I was a child who has had a really sheltered childhood and was raised by wonderful parents who I owe so much. I can not think of any time I did not felt taken care of and loved. Knowing this sounds more like a pretty unspectacular childhood I'd like to explain that (partly also to have this in writing): After I grew out of the wish of becoming a young famous actress, a prima ballerina, an admired opera singer, a child who has already traveled the world on her parents back or a 10 year old who already owns the intellect of a grown up – though there is still a little girl with all those dreams living her cosy life in my heart - I realize and understand that a perfect childhood is not about being something - objective and dispassionate – special but about being grateful to have a family who was and always will be eager to let me make my way in the world and support me in this concern but to still protect me and guide me – I still wonder how they were able to combine these three things. 

One could also argue that I was a pretty shy girl who could spend days after days, weeks after weeks with a pile of books all on her own. The ones whom I would allow to enter my warm and snuggy nest besides my parents and my sister was my grandma. There is still an unconditional love between us - something that connects one another that is deeper than one can explain.

In my High school years my shyness slowly disappeared – well maybe I just learned how to cope with it and to cover it up. Anyway, suddenly there were these new challenges at which I wholeheartedly wanted to succeed. I can say with proud that I always went the whole way I chose to go till the end – with a few exceptions ;).

Over the years I got to know myself. Who I am. What I want for myself and the world that surrounds me. And how I think I am able to achieve that. Well – at least I think I do.

And here I am. Now. 
A 21 year old student. Again facing new challenges. 
And willing to make my way.

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