Sunday, October 21, 2012


The day of my birthday a girl I've only met once at class
gave me a small bucket with a sun flower -
out of the blue.

I mean - how sweet is that?

I guess you could say that this bucket was my first fall decoration this year.

And seeing those colors outside and being inspired by the natural beauty of this flower I began searching
the web for some bright and wonderful inspirational ideas. I wanted something colorful, something with a lot of different texture. Something with a candle. And pumpkins of course.

All I needed was a batch of small decorative gourds, one of my grandma's old lace doilies, some flowers, a tea light + glass tea light holder, some faux fruit and a paper doily. 

I just basically placed the tea light holder in the middle of the paper doily and eyeballed how far I have to cut so that the seperated parts of the doily can be attached tightly all around the tea light holder with scotch tape.

And just because a plain white paper doily was not what I invisioned I painted it eggwhite. 

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