Thursday, April 19, 2012

my future house dreams ♥

Wanna know what my future house might look like?

Although my boyfriend always tells me, the moment I beginn to ramble about and ponder on how I would like our future house to look, he doesn't think we could ever afford one (he kinda hates the thought of going into debt) - I just can't stop myself from already planning ever little corner of it.

You might think I went bonkers which is probabely true. But as I always like to say; dreams are dreams, and if I couldn't hope for some of them to come true it would be a pretty sad world.

With this being said, I thought it would be fun to show you some pictures I found on pinterest of how I imagine my future house to look, some ideas I would love to incoporate and little inspirations I love.

Of course nothing of all of this I will apply exactly like shown on the picture because the thing I love most about being inspired is that it is indeed simple inspiration to create something unique and individual.

Isn't it a gorgeous outside today?
Please don't mind all those shoes.
Come on it. What if I'll show you around and then we'll go sit on the porch and have some tea?

Please take your shoes off at the entrance. 
I know our floor can be cold sometimes so just grab some slippers.
And make yourself at home.
Would you like to go upstairs first so I can show you the master bedroom,
 the kids room as well as the bathroom?

Sorry it's so cold in here too.
We like to keep the windows open in here through the day
so that the sheets and stuff are cold when we go to bed.
I love snuggling and curling up in bed so that's why.
Also this is the main reason why I have those sheets piled up.

Look how wonderful it looks when the curtains are blowing in the wind.
I love it in here.

How about I show you the nursery next, then the kid's room and then the bathroom?
 Hopefully, the kids didn't left too much of a mess.

Our cute little munchkin is currently taking a walk with Daddy
but I'm sure you'll be able to meet her later.
I tried to stay with pastel olive and rose in this room.
It's mainly use is for when she gets to take her naps.
Or for changing her diaper.
At night she stays with us in the master bedroom.
I found it's much easier when she wakes up crying.
Especially when you have two other kids sleepin' next door.

And here we have the kid's room.
We've figured, while they are both so young, they would even prefer having one room together.
They really love it.

The bathroom.
This was probabely the hardest room to plan and furnish.
I always wanted a warm, nice and welcoming bathroom.
And I think it came out pretty neat.

Would you like to see our living room and our kitchen now?
Well, then, let's go downstairs.

Oh my! It's hot in here!
I'm sorry. I might forgot to draw the curtains.
This is the only negative thing about all those huge windows in the living room facing south.
It's mighty warm in here.

And this is were the cooking happens.
And where the kids draw.
Occasionally the kitchen and/or dining room is their play room too.
Which I really like.
I love to cook and watch my kids grow and play at the same time.
Strangly, it's one of my favourite times of the day.

Would you mind if I fix some tea while you take a seat at the dining table?
Which flavor do you prefer? Green tea? Or would you like to have a cup of coffee?

So here we are now.
It's still pretty warm outside.
I love that.

How do you like the tea?
Oh, wait. I forgot something. Yesterday I baked a lemon lavender pound cake.
Let me bring you some.

So, what do you think?
You like it?

On other, much more sader news, I would like to report that Levon Helm (I posted about him earlier this week here) passed away this afternoon. He finally lost his battle to cancer. The news hit me. And broke my heart. That this world has lost such a truthful and wonderful soul. Such a talent. And such a gift. I wish I'd had gotten the chance to see him ramble on stage this summer. But unfortunately I'm too late. Please pray for his family. The one thought that keeps me postive is that he is now finally able to sing with his friends Richard Manuel and Rick Danko again. May I be able to see him at the other side. What a great thing it must be for those where he is now to have such a soulful singer and drummer to listen to now.

Here are the links to the pictures:

House: house front // patio
Hallway: staircase // wire basket // chest
Master Bedroom: bedding & bed // couch // rug // curtain (source unknown to me) // pile of linen
Baby Room/Nursery: shelves // dream catcher //crib // drawer // mobile & changing table //elephant & bunny
Kid's room: shelves // beds // rug // hutch // picture 1 // picture 2
Bathroom: bathroom vanity // bathroom // hutch part
Living room: living room // hammock // cushions // shelves
Kitchen & Dining room: Kitchen // Dining table // Window place
Porch: door // rocking chair // porch


  1. So cute! I love all of these photos... nice imagination by the way, I would have done the same thing :)

  2. i am in love with this post! and what a lovely home(: i would totally live there. i'm especially loving that porch for this nice spring weather.


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